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Rixe Clip Bra Bra Band Tightener - Multi Pack

Rixe Clip Bra Bra Band Tightener - Multi Pack

$ 20.00

Shorten the band of a bra easily and quickly with Rixie Clip! Ideal for anyone in weight transition, the Rixie Clip is a no-sew option which attaches to the band of the bra and allows the wearer to tighten the band for a more secure fit. Consisting of a metal bar attached to a new set of hook-and-eye closures, Rixie Clip works by sliding onto the wing of the bra and securing into place, giving the bra up to three additional rows of hook-and-eye closures! Metal bar is coated in a thick rubber to protect anyone with nickel allergies and to ensure a comfortable feel against the skin. Rixie Clip can be used an extender as well. Each pack contains a white, black, and beige Rixie Clip in the size of your choosing.

For more information, check out our review and accompanying demonstration video!

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